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Chapter 3 Extensions to the XProc 3.0 standard

MorganaXProc-III's implementation of XProc 3.0 has the following non standard features:

1 Serialization options

MorganaXProc-III implements the following serialization options: mox:indent-spaces and mox:indent-arrays.

1.1 Serialization parameter 'mox:indent-spaces'

With output methods XML, HTML, and XHTML and 'indent' : true(), the 'mox:indent-spaces' key can be used to control the amount of indentation. The key must be associated with an instance of xs:integer. The setting is ignored, if the integer value if less than 1. The default value for indentation is 3.

This feature can be used in any serialization map in XProc as well as with a map as second parameter in fn:serialization#2.

1.2 Serialization parameter 'mox:indent-arrays'

When serializing JSON documents with indent : true(), parameter 'mox:indent-arrays' can be used to control whether JSON arrays are indented or not. The default value is true(), but with setting the parameter to false() indentation of arrays is suppressed.